Sometime we face the situation that we need to copy the deployment results (or Artifacts) to some central repository where all deployments are stored. This is not a problem for Linux-to-Linux copy as we can use SCP, RSYNC or any other task. What if the target is a Windows machine though and if we want to customize the directory naming to be dependent on e.g. version of the product hidden in the exe file? PowerShell to the rescue! We need two pieces:

We need a Bamboo Remote Agent that is running on a Windows box - this will be doing the deployment itself and executing the PowerShell script.

A powershell script Task (normal Script task with the Powershell type selected) and a script that will do the actual copy

$VERSION=(dir Setup.Full.exe).VersionInfo.ProductVersion
Write-Host "Saving artifacts to $DIR"
New-Item -itemtype directory $DIR
Copy-Item * $DIR

What this script does is:

It sets current date to $TODAY variable It takes setup.full.exe and pulls out version information from inside It create a new directory in $DIR path Copies all files from the current deployment bamboo agent directory to the target $DIR