This is just a quick tip how to style a jqModal window when we are loading contents via AJAX. There are two possibilites:

use ajaxText, but this sometimes is not handy if you have complex styled content from AJAX use blockUI and style the jqModal to show only after the AJAX has been loaded.

My idea is to block the user interface with a “Please wait…” message and then to slide down nicely the jqModal and unblock the page. So, firstly, we add the styles to jqModal dialog:

                ajax: '@href',
		modal: true,
		target: '#target',
    	        onShow: function(h){ 
                  $.blockUI({ css: { 
                    border: 'none', 
                    padding: '15px', 
                    backgroundColor: '#000', 
                    '-webkit-border-radius': '10px', 
                    '-moz-border-radius': '10px', 
                    opacity: '.5', 
                    color: '#fff' 
                 } }); 
		onLoad: function(h){
		onHide: function(h) {

Et Voila, you’re done! Hopefully somebody will find this useful.