Recently I have been doing an XP preinstallation for a remote software deployment project. In this post i'm putting all the interesting links I have found and the problems I had during the software preparation.

This is NOT a howto or instruction, this is just intended to help. If you want to have a full howto, don't hesitate to comment/fund a coffee for me :)

As a hint, the project is to deploy a networked Windows XP installation from a Linux machine. But, warning, deploy an installation, not an image :) For this urpose, I have used a project called OPSI. Thanks guys for really great work!

General knowledge articles:

There were some problems that I have encountered during the preparations of the preinstallation. Here is a short list of them, and how they were solved:

  1. SoundMAX drivers did not detect at all. This has been solved by KB888111 which makes Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) High Definition Audio detect properly during setup. Additionally, the SoundMAX software has to be installed AFTER the system installation has completed (via winstscript)
  2. During the installation, an "Add new hardware" wizard popped up because of Video card detection. This has been solved by KB883667


  • Some of the KB patches have been integrated with /integrate option into the i386 source tree, but some failed and were added manually.
  • I have integrated SP3 manually using the SVCPACK.INF method